Support the Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and our outstanding students are thankful for the generous gifts of our alumni and friends. Through your support, the Department is able to:

  • offer scholarships
  • purchase state-of-the-art equipment
  • invite renowned speakers
  • support our chapter of the Society of Physics Students

Individual links below each fund will take you to a place where you will be able to contribute to that specific fund. Thank you for your support.

  • Society of Physics Students Fund (01627)
    This fund supports our nationally recognized SPS chapter by providing funds for student research projects and student travel to conferences and national events. Help students travel to the 2019 Quadrennial Physics Congress: Contributions to The Society of Physics Students Fund are a top priority for the department as they help support student travel to the 2019 Physics Congress in Providence, RI next November.
  • Jacobs Society of Physics Students Leadership Scholarship (01757)
    Dr. Jacobs brought the Society of Physics Students to EMU in 1985 and served as the faculty advisor from 1985 – 2012. In 2009 Dr. Jacobs was selected as the nation’s Outstanding Chapter Advisor and she donated the award money ($5000) to start a leadership scholarship for officers of SPS. Each year current and newly elected officers can apply for the scholarship. The fund is now endowed, but we need more donations to make the annual scholarship at least $1000.
  • Mark Daniel Trochet Endowed Scholarship (00860)
    Named after an outstanding student in our Department and son of our former Department Head, Dan Trochet, this scholarship supports students in the Physics Research major.
  • Harry L. Smith Physics Scholarship (00565)
    Started to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Department’s founding and named after the former Department Head, this scholarship is open to all students working towards earning an undergraduate degree in the physics program.
  • Kenneth & Rosemarie Williams Endowed Scholarship (01151)
    This scholarship supports undergraduate students majoring in Engineering Physics.
  • Floyd Leib Scholarship (00366)
    Named after one of our Emeritus Faculty, this scholarship supports undergraduate students training to become physics teachers.
  • Crystal Tucker Memorial Fellowship Endowed Scholarship (01011)
    This scholarship supports graduate students seeking to become physics teachers.
  • Sherzer Observatory Fund (01062)
    This fund supports the ongoing educational and outreach activities at Sherzer Observatory, including the maintenance of the 10” telescope and more recently the completion of the new automated dome built by the students.
  • Projector System Fund (01633)
    This fund supports the EMU Planetarium in the New Science Building by providing funds for the new projector, audio systems, planetarium shows, and lighting.
  • Physics and Astronomy Fund (00494)
    This all-purpose fund is used to fund activities to carry out the Department mission.

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