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We hope the new academic year is off to a great start. Every new semester offers interesting opportunities and challenges – whether meeting new people, attending new classes, working on new projects, or participating in new activities. Eastern strives to be a welcoming environment and it is important we work together to create a community where people feel respected, safe and secure.

Eastern Michigan University has many resources in place to offer immediate help and assist with a wide variety of concerns. Many people on campus are trained to respond and assist you in numerous situations. If you feel you need assistance, or think you have witnessed or been the victim of a worrisome incident, you can do one or more of the following:

  • If you witness a crime or see an emergency on or near campus, call Eastern Michigan University Police at 734.487.1222. Program this number into your phone. You also can call 911. Whether on foot, riding a bike or patrolling in their vehicles, our highly trained, professional State of Michigan licensed police force is on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. They are fully sworn in the city of Ypsilanti and deputized in Washtenaw County, and are very responsive to your needs.

Our state of the art headquarters in the Department of Public Safety, located on the northwest side of campus, is equipped with a high-tech communications center and we have more than 900 cameras located across campus.

  • Eastern uses a university-wide text-messaging alert service, known as RAVE, to notify you of weather emergencies or if an emergency situation occurs on campus. The alerts provide real-time information as a text message to your cell phone in the event of an emergency. To sign up for the free service, visit the Emergency Alert Messaging website.
  • Concerns or complaints about sex discrimination, sexual harassment, domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault should be directed to the Title IX coordinators as indicated on the Title IX Compliance website. The Title IX office phone number is 734.487.3617. The office is located at 100B Boone Hall.
  • The Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility is a valuable resource for students seeking advice on a variety of issues. The office conducts workshops on campus issues such as hazing, sexual assault, drug and alcohol use and other at-risk behaviors. The office also provides advice to students on issues and questions about student-related policies and prohibited behaviors in the EMU Student Code of Community Responsibility. The office is located in 250 Student Center, 734.487.2157.
  • Students who have a concern about University policies, procedures and decisions can contact the Office of the Ombuds in 248 Student Center by calling 734.487.0074 or emailing [email protected]. The Ombuds office provides for a confidential and neutral place for students to express concerns.
  • Eastern’s online student handbook contains information for students about available university services, university policies and procedures, and helpful information to aid in student success.
  • If you are experiencing anxiety, stress or related feelings and feel you may need assistance, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 1075 North Huron River Dr., 734.487.1118. In late January 2020, CAPS will move to its new building on the northwest corner of campus.
  • The Dean of Students (DOS) Office works with students, student families, faculty and staff to create a culture of care designed to enhance students’ academic and personal success. If a student has an emergency situation that will require the student to be out of classes for an extended period, the DOS can assist. In the event of a student death, this office will coordinate support for the family and campus community. This office navigates support for students who are facing any number of barriers to student success. The Dean of Students Office can be contacted by calling 734.487.1107 or by emailing [email protected].
  • The Student Intervention Team (SIT), led by the Dean of Students Office, provides a system for proactive intervention for reported student behaviors of concern that occur in the EMU living and learning community. The team identifies resources, interventions, and/or referral options for the student, along with recommendations for other necessary actions. Find further SIT information or file a Care Report by going to the SIT website.
  • The Bias Incident Response helps assess actions as bias-related or to refer the incident to the proper office if a policy violation occurred. Students, faculty, staff and other members of the Eastern community who experience or are aware of a possible bias incident are encouraged to submit a Care Report for review by the SIT. Go to the report form page
  • Eastern Michigan University has adopted the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) program to teach proactive measures that people can take when faced with an assailant entering a building or classroom. Training seminars are being scheduled by the Department of Public Safety. Learn more at the ALICE program website.
  • Cyber security and identity theft precautions are more important for students than ever, as a variety of “phishing” email scams designed to gain access to personal information are uncovered on a regular basis. Eastern’s Division of Information Technology (IT) has many resources available to you to help you identify a “phishing” scam. Please visit the IT security website for additional information and precautions. If you believe that your computer system has been comprised in any way, it is best to report the incident to the IT Help Desk at 734.487.2120 for further evaluation.
  • Eastern Michigan University relies on you to speak up if you believe that you have observed unethical, illegal or suspicious behavior. Such situations may include: ethics and compliance issues, such as financial reporting; human resources and equal opportunity issues such as harassment, discrimination, abuse of the employee scheduling process, time cards or disciplinary action; environmental, health and safety issues or threats and violence; alcohol/drug abuse; or, internal theft. You can file an anonymous report at the Anonymous Ethics and Compliance Reporting website.

A comprehensive list of University safety-related resources can be found at the EMU Police website. Information includes links to safety tips, information about receiving emergency text alerts on your mobile device and emergency procedures.

We urge you to be aware of your surroundings, and, when appropriate, take action and use the many resources available to you. Together, we all make Eastern a welcoming and safe community.

James M. Smith, President                                             

Robert Heighes, Police Chief

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