Academic Programs

Undergraduate Major

Environmental Science and Society (ENVI): Students develop an understanding of major environmental issues and their potential solutions by appreciating the importance of scientific methods, ethical values and principles, diverse worldviews, and social and political constraints, which are relevant to addressing these issues. Students learn about the complex connections between natural and built environments, and between these environments and our social and cultural institutions.

Construction Management (CM): Focuses on teaching the technical and business skills required to prepare men and women for middle- and upper-level management in the construction industry. Coursework is structured to teach students problem-solving skills needed through hands-on learning. Emphases are placed on construction cost estimating, scheduling, contracts, construction law, project management, surveying, sustainability, material testing and safety management. All students are required to complete a co-op work placement course.

Undergraduate Minor

Sustainability minor: Provides students with a broad-based and interdisciplinary introduction to the growing field of sustainability. It explores the diverse origins and philosophies of sustainability studies while simultaneously providing hands-on exposure to the application of the field's "triple bottom-line" valuation system which takes into account environmental, economic and social equity factors when measuring a project's potential success and/or failure.

Master's Program

Master of Arts in Social Foundations and Community Education (Ecojustice and Education Concentration): An interdisciplinary graduate program. A primary interest of social foundations of education is to affirm the importance of social and ecological justice, democracy and equity as these affect and are affected by the social, cultural, historical and political contexts of schooling.

Graduate Certificate

Sustainable Construction: Assists those with an undergraduate degree in a construction related area to update their skills in the emerging, critical area of sustainability in construction and design. The program provides the adult learner with the knowledge base for understanding the management processes of the construction industry related to sustainability, including the initiating, planning, execution, control and close-out of "green" construction projects.

Sustainability Courses

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