Faculty Syllabus Language

For faculty to proactively inform their students about their mandatory reporting duties for any disclosures or witness of any experienced sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual and relationship violence, faculty refer to these templates for information to include in syllabi.

  • Acts of sexual violence are intolerable. Eastern Michigan expects all members of the campus community to act in a manner that does not infringe on the rights of others. We are committed to eliminating all acts of sexual violence. Eastern Michigan faculty and staff are concerned about the well-being and development of our students. We are obligated to share information with the Eastern Michigan Title IX Coordinator in certain situations to help ensure that the students’ safety and welfare is being addressed, consistent with the requirements of the law. These disclosures include but are not limited to reports of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. If you have experienced or know someone who has experienced sexual violence, services and resources are available. You may also choose to file a report. For further information, contact Dr. Doris Fields, EMU's Interim Title IX Coordinator, [email protected]; 734.487.7696, and visit the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office website
  • Sexual violence and sexual harassment are contrary to our core values and have no place at Eastern Michigan. In accordance with Title IX and other laws, Eastern Michigan prohibits discrimination, including sex-based discrimination and discrimination towards pregnant/parenting students. If you or someone you know experiences sexual violence and/or harassment (regardless of whether it occurred on or off-campus) that limits the ability to participate in this course (or any other Eastern Michigan’s program or activity), there are resources and options available. To learn more or to report an incident, please visit the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office website. Please be aware that as an instructor, I am not a confidential resource, and I will need to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Eastern Michigan’s] Title IX Coordinator. You can also contact Dr. Doris Fields, EMU’s Interim Title IX Coordinator, directly at [email protected], or 734.487.7696.

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