Title IX Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Eastern Michigan University Title IX Office strives to provide equitable access to educational programs and activities through accountability, support, and education by addressing sexual misconduct and sex-based discrimination in a neutral and unbiased manner.


The Eastern Michigan University Title IX Office values accountability, access, and education. Listed below are the ways in which the office works to uphold these values.


  • We remain neutral and unbiased in addressing reports and complaints of harm and enacting the resolution processes, while maintaining a holistic and reporter-led approach.
  • We maintain compliance with federal and state regulations and requirements.
  • We regularly and thoroughly assess services, processes, and the experiences of community members to continually improve and address issues.


  • We create and maintain a resolution process that aims to serve all members of the campus community.
  • We provide reasonable accommodations upon request to those who engage with the Title IX Office.
  • We regularly inform the campus community of reporting and resolution processes.


  • We provide mandatory training for all students covering prohibited conduct, consent, and bystander intervention.
  • We engage in and deliver educational opportunities for all members of the campus community regarding Title IX law, processes, and prevention at EMU.

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