Group Tour at Georgia State
Group tour at Georgia State
Group Tour at Georgia State

Group tour at Georgia State

Vision Statement

To develop our students’ character by building their self-confidence, life skills, and knowledge so that all Upward Bound participants will successfully complete high school, enroll in and graduate from college.

Mission Statement

EMU’s UpwardBound supports and serves students attending Ypsilanti Community High Schools who desire a collegiate education by providing academic support, leadership development, mentoring, as well as career and college exploration to build a strong foundation for lifelong success, including guiding alumni in efforts togive back to our UpwardBound Program and be actively engaged in the Ypsilanti and global community.


We believe in:

  • Creating a comprehensive, rigorous, pre-college program where students are consistently challenged to do and be their best.
  • Nurturing each student’s emotional, intellectual, and social development in relevant and creative ways.
  • Students questioning critiquing, analyzing, challenging and negotiating in positive ways that promote growth and understanding.
  • Students can set goals and attain them by overcoming obstacles, learning from these challenges and ultimately succeeding.
  • In developing leadership skills through self-empowerment, self-efficacy, and self-advocacy.
  • In each student’s ability to make positive choices and to resolve conflicts peacefully.
  • In the importance of diversity and that each student should respect people from ALL
  • In each student’s ability to be successful, active members of a global society.
  • In our alumni returning to the community and giving back by mentoring and inspiring current students to have a positive outlook on their futures.
  • In positive family involvement through active engagement in our PIE Program, to help students achieve their educational and personal goal.

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