Membership Options

There are several ways to get involved in Women in Philanthropy at EMU.

  • Become a new voting member. Make a commitment to contribute $1,000 per year for at least three years. Contact Karen Paciorek for information: [email protected]
  • Become a non-voting member. Choose the amount you wish to pledge as a non-voting member (any amount up to $1000 per year) and help support the WIP mission.
  • Renew your membership. Recommit to one year or more at $1,000 per year. Contact Karen Paciorek for information: [email protected]
  • Recruit a member. Speak to a friend or acquaintance one-on-one about the opportunity and the benefits to them and to EMU students, staff, faculty and alumni.
  • Make a one time gift. Contribute to Women in Philanthropy at EMU any time of the year for any dollar amount. Click on the "Make a Gift" button at the bottom of this page.
  • Spread the word. Post a note on your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile, or just talk it up among friends and colleagues.
  • Join a committee. Details below.


Executive Committee

Directs group according to mission; sets meeting schedule; tracks funds available for awards

Composed of President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Chairs, and at-large members

Contact: Jackie Tracy, [email protected]

Outreach Committee

Recruits new members; stewards existing members

Contact: Julia Heck, [email protected] or Nora Martin, [email protected]

Awards Committee

Oversees distribution of funds/awards

Contact: Beth Kubitksey, [email protected] or Andrea Zakrajsek, [email protected] 

Program Committee

Coordinates events and programs for Women in Philanthropy at EMU members

Contact: Peggy Liggit, [email protected]  or Celia Murkowski, [email protected]

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