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The College of Arts & Sciences offers 191 programs and 18 degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Explore our offerings below to find the program that's right for you. Or use the search function to find offerings by program, department, degree or level. Click the "Show minors" field to display the additional minors offered.

Program Degrees Department
African American Studies Cert. Africology and African American Studies
African American Studies | BA B.A. Africology and African American Studies
Undergraduate Certificate in African Studies Undergraduate Certificate Africology and African American Studies
Biology - General M.S. Biology
Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology M.S. Biology
Water Resources Cert. Biology
Molecular/Cellular Biology M.S. Biology
Biology | BS B.S. Biology
Secondary Education Biology | BS B.S. Biology
Chemistry | BS B.S. Chemistry
Chemistry - General | BS B.S. Chemistry
Secondary Education Chemistry | BS B.S. Chemistry
Fermentation Science | BS B.S. Chemistry
Biochemistry | BS B.S. Chemistry
Biochemistry - General | BS B.S. Chemistry
Chemistry M.S. Chemistry
Computer Science - Curriculum | BS B.S. Computer Science
Computer Science M.S. Computer Science
Computer Science - Applied | BS B.S. Computer Science
Double Master's Degree Program with Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft (University of Applied Sciences), Germany M.S. Computer Science

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