The Fibers program focuses on the creative exploration of printed, woven and non-woven and three-dimensional fibers. Investigations of concepts are explored through imagery, pattern, design, texture and material exploration. Students are introduced to a wide variety of processes and expected to investigate at least one area in sufficient depth to create a strong body of work.

Visiting artists and designers regularly give public lectures and conduct workshops. Students may also join the Fibers Guild, a student-run organization that sponsors exhibitions, lectures, workshops and field trips.


The equipment is superb: multi-harness floor looms, including two computer-interfaced looms and two TC-1 electronic hand jacquard looms, drum carders, large padded print tables, exposure unit for silk screens, darkroom, large vertical steamer, networked computers, printers for printed fabric design, scanner, basic sewing machines and one industrial sewing machine and a heat press. The dye facility is well ventilated with ample sinks, sprayer, washer, dryer and refrigerator; dye mixing hood and large drying area with floor drain.

Selected Student Work

  • "Metaphorphasis- Intro to Fibers"
  • "Little Gray"
  • "Nuns and Strippers- Surface Design"
  • "Escape"
  • "The Virgin"
  • "Roots - Inlay Weaving"
  • "Untitled"
  • "Space"
  • "Relics"
  • "Fawn-Surface Design"