The jewelry/metalsmithing program at EMU has two principle goals for its students: to provide them with the skill and understanding needed to develop, integrate, and teach in metal arts programs at the public school level, with certification; and to give students with a professional interest in the field the technical skills, conceptual understanding, and design expertise necessary to succeed in the field. The facilities are first-rate: a studio complex of six rooms, each supporting an integral part of the program.

Students also can take part in the Eastern Silversmiths Guild, a student group that centers its activities on the jewelry/metals studio. The organization hosts lectures, exhibitions, workshops and field trips, and holds sales to raise funds for charity and for group activities. There is a longstanding association with the Michigan Silversmiths Guild, a statewide group.

Selected Student Work

  • "Anticlastic Necklace"
  • "Untitled Repousse Box"
  • "Lacey Paperweight"
  • "Octopus box"
  • "Tooth"
  • "Necklace"
  • "The Ghost in the Machine"
  • "Orb"
  • "Lorraine"
  • "Untitled View B"