George Gervin GameAbove Center Technical Information

The George Gervin GameAbove Center is the newest multi-purpose state-of-the-art facility in southeast Michigan. Technical information regarding the George Gervin GameAbove Center is listed and illustrated below.

Rentable Space Dimensions

Arena Floor (with seats retracted)

  • 170' x 120'
  • 20,000 Sq. Ft.

Arena Floor (without seats retracted)

  • 131' x 79'
  • 10,000 Sq. Ft.

Eagle's Nest

  • 75 person capacity
  • can be divided into three smaller rooms


  • 66' x 103'
  • 7,000 Sq. Ft.

CAD Specification Drawings


Loading Dock Area

The loading dock can be entered from the Westview Drive entrance, which is located to the east of the George Gervin GameAbove Center. The loading dock has the following specifications:

  • Parking for eight buses/trucks
  • Two 12-foot roll up loading doors
  • One 16-foot loading door with elephant door access to main area
  • One 12-foot loading door with hydraulic leveling system

Dressing Rooms / Auxiliary Spaces

  • Two visiting team locker rooms, each equipped with carpet, 16 full lockers, full shower, and restroom amenities.
  • Two officials locker rooms, each equipped with four full lockers, full shower, and restroom amenities.
  • Media Room A, a 33' x 17' carpeted room capable of seating up to 60 theater style. This room is ideal for production or food service location.
  • Media Room B, a 12' x 15' carpeted room adjacent to Media Room A. Ideal for a production office or small meeting room.


Equipped with a total of 1,000 amps of show power, the George Gervin GameAbove Center has the capability of utilizing both cam locks and pig tail connections. The following configurations are available:

  • One 100 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire (120/208 volt)
  • One 200 amp, 3 phase, 5 wire (120/208 volt)
  • One 400 amp, 3 phase 5 wire (120/208 volt)

The George Gervin GameAbove Center is also equipped with two 200 amp 480 volt service (with a portable transformer) for trade shows. This setup also includes the appropriate cord sets and boxes for trade show booths.


Capable of a maximum size of 64' x 40', the George Gervin GameAbove Center's SICO Roll-N-Set Portable System is comprised of the following:

  • Eighteen 8' x 8' H bases (48" to 72" variable height)
  • Eight 4' x 8' reversible decks (green carpet or flat black performance surface)
  • Twelve 8' black stage scrims (48" to 72" variable height)
  • Two 4' guardrails
  • Sixteen 8' guardrails
  • Two adjustable height 10-rise staircases

SICO Riser

  • Twelve 6' x 8' H tri-height risers with reversible decks (18", 24", 30")
  • Three 4' x 30' ramps with rails (elevates from 0" to 30")
  • Nine 8' black riser scrims (18" to 30" variable height)
  • Two 2-rise portable steps with rails

House Lights

Capable of being operated from four locations in the facility (backstage security room, rear house left control room, and remote from center court via laptop computer) the George Gervin GameAbove Center's computer controlled lighting system is comprised of the following:

  • Forty-two 1,000 watt instruments
  • Sixty-five 1,000 watt instruments with shutter capability
  • Total lighting of (107) 1,000 watt instruments producing 250 candles at floor level

The system also includes follow spot towers, which are located in each corner, near the catwalk and in the upper rear corners. The distance from the stage is approximately 120 feet and the vertical distance from the floor is 56 feet. Followspots may also be operated from Stadium Club Balcony at center-stage front of house.

House Sounds

The George Gervin GameAbove Center has a fully dispersed sound system designed for public address. The system has EV cabinets hung from the catwalk in a uniform pattern throughout the main arena. The George Gervin GameAbove Center also has a hard-wired Telex system with 10 intercom and beltpack units. Locations are throughout the arena including courtside, catwalk and backstage.

Also in compliance with ADA, the George Gervin GameAbove Center is equipped with Telex Hearing Assistance Receivers.

Steel Height / Rigging Grid

The steel height in the facility is 76' 1" to the high steel and 47' 9" to the low steel. A rigging grid is located above the catwalk on the south end of the facility (above the end stage configuration) and is accessible from the catwalk. The capacity of the grid is 40,000 pounds, distributed. The grid is also equipped with both a vertical and horizontal fall arrest system.

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