Rec/IM Venues

Are you looking for a great place to hold a lock-in, tournament, or large party? Then the Rec/IM is the ideal place for you. All of the facilities listed below are available for rental.

Olds/Robb Student Recreation/Intramural Complex

The Olds/Robb Student Recreation/Intramural Complex is a great place to host such events as post-prom and after graduation parties, lock-ins, swim meets, and basketball tournaments. At 188,000 sq. feet, this multi-dimensional facility can accommodate a wide array of activities. Please see the Olds/Robb Rec/IM Facilities page HERE for more information.

University Park

The University Park boasts a picturesque lake scene complete with a bridge and sunning decks, gazebo, lakeside patio seating, amphitheater seating with a performance area, two basketball courts, two sand volleyball courts, and a picnic pavilion. Outside facilities can hold up to several hundred people, depending on the set-up needs of the client.

Pavilion: Outdoor meeting area seating for 50

Amphitheater: Seating for 500

Softball Complex

The Rec/IM Softball Complex is a brand-new fully lit field complex complete with scoreboards and concession stand. It is a great place for softball, youth baseball leagues, and tournaments.

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