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EagleFest: Fall Student Involvement Fair

Eagle Fest is one of the many great opportunities made available to new and returning students during the first two weeks of Fall semester to explore some of over 150 student organizations at Eastern Michigan University.  The fair is a great way for new students to gather contact information from the various student organizations represented there, and find out how they can be involved in those particular student organizations. This year EagleFest will be held August 27th from 4-7pm at University Park.

In order to register your organization and to avoid problems down the road, please make sure the following are taken care of:

  • Your organization is in good standing with Campus Life and Conference and Event Services (Event Planning)
  • Your organization's information has been updated with both offices

You can register for EagleFest here.

Winter Fest

Winter Fest is the Winter semester version of the Fall Student Involvement Fair, and is a great opportunity for organizations to connect with students looking to try something new and get involved! This year Winterfest will be January 21st from 5-7pm in the Student Center Ballroom.

To avoid problems down the road, make sure the following are taken care of:

  • The organization is in good standing with Campus Life and Conference and Event Services (Event Planning)
  • The organizations information has been updated with both offices


Student Organizations Learning and Resources Workshops (SOLAR) is a fun and interactive learning opportunity for student organization members and leaders. Campus Life will provide you with valuable skill building seminars that will help your organization succeed!

A variety of SOLAR sessions are offered throughout the year on topics pertaining to your student organization, from important policies to managing money to helpful resources. These sessions are led by experts from campus and the community. 

In addition to the knowledge and enrichment you and your organization stand to gain from participating in SOLAR, Campus Life is also offering a financial contribution for each SOLAR session you complete! We do multiple raffles at each session.

This year's SOLAR Kickoff will be available online through a Canvas course shell beginning August 1st.


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