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Connect with Our Teams

Campus Life employees are all Google Chat users. You can also reach out via email or phone to the employees listed on this page.

We are happy to meet in person or virtually to assist you.

The Activities and Engagement Team

For the general inquiries: contact [email protected]

Sara Bamrick, Coordinator of Engagement & Activities
340R Student Center

Vacant - Graduate Assistant
Anna Baukus-Koieczka, Student Assistant
Asem Alseidi, Student Assistant
Damarion Stanley, Student Assistant

Elena Brown, Student Assistant

Hannah Lopez, Campus Life Coach
Tori Slezsak, Campus Life Coach
Nakari Copperwood, Campus Life Coach
Jasmine Johnson, Campus Life Coach

The Student Orgs and Fraternity & Sorority Life Team

For the FSL inquiries: [email protected]
For the Student Orgs inquiries: [email protected]

Karen Thompson, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life
340Q EMU Student Center

Elise Tasich, Graduate Assistant, FSL
Chloe Yorks, Student Assistant, FSL
Olivia Wetzel, Student Assistant, FSL

Gabrielle Heier, Graduate Assistant, Student Orgs
Hannah Ruffner, Student Assistant, Student Orgs
Toni Franklin, Student Assistant, Student Orgs

The Orientation and Transition Programs Team

For the general inquiries: contact [email protected]

Hayley Clock, Coordinator of Orientation and Transition Programs
343C EMU Student Center

Vacant, SOAR Graduate Assistant
Faith Destiny Robinson, SOAR Student Assistant
Randall Strack, SOAR Student Assistant

Melissa Urieta, EMU Connect Graduate Assistant
Isis Ramsey, EMU Connect Student Assistant 
De'Shaia Ventour, EMU Connect Student Assistant

The Campus Life/DCI Marketing and Design Team

For the general inquiries: contact [email protected]

Vacant, Senior Creative (Marketing)
Vacant, Marketing Assistant
Vacant, Marketing Assistant
Taylor Marberry, Marketing Assistant

Kelsea Pearson, Senior Creative (Graphic Design)
Ben Maddox, Graphic Designer
Carly Picklo, Graphic Designer
Brandon Tester, Graphic Designer

Grant Brademeyer, Photographer/Videographer
[Vacant/Hiring], Photographer/Videographer

Campus Life Administration

Lucas Langdon, Director
343B EMU Student Center

Our Mission

We offer student-centered learning, development and involvement activities that promote and support student engagement and student success.

Our Vision

We will be a national leader for innovative, effective, holistic individualized student-centered experiences outside the classroom.

Our Values

Integrity: We require integrity, honesty and respect in our interactions with each other, with the campus community and as stewards of campus resources.

Inclusivity: We recognize that everyone has unique value and we strive to be inclusive, accessible and inviting to all students. We seek to promote a just and open atmosphere on campus.

Leadership: We appreciate the opportunity to serve students and hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism. We strive for and expect excellence.

Learning: We understand that there are opportunities for learning in everything that we do, and we strive to be intentional and thoughtful in making the most of those opportunities. 

Creativity: We value new and different perspectives, approaches and expression and encourage innovation.

Teamwork: We function as an interdependent unit. Each Campus Life employee or volunteer has the opportunity to be both teacher and learner, both leader and follower.

Campus Life works to support the University's Mission:

EMU enriches lives in a supportive, intellectually dynamic and diverse community. Our dedicated faculty balance teaching and research to prepare students with relevant skills and real world awareness. We are an institution of opportunity where students learn in and beyond the classroom to benefit the local and global communities.