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A fraternal organization is a group of individuals who share similar values and interests, who are bonded together through common goals. Each chapter has a ritual, and many of these rituals are what bond members together. These rituals are based on the common values, principles and ideas shared by chapter members. Some of these values include truth, faith, knowledge, honor, brotherhood, sisterhood, and friendship. Each of these groups work very hard to instill these values and ideas in their daily lives.

Fraternities refer to men's Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations, where as the word sorority refers to women's organizations. 

If your child has chosen to "Go Greek," this is a big decision and it impacts not only the students, but families as well. The fraternities and sororities represented on this website are recognized by Eastern Michigan University. The Office of Campus Life serves as the central coordination point for programming, education, and operation of these organizations. 

Since the early beginnings of Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations, these groups have been considered self-sufficient. Each chapter collects dues locally and nationally to ensure that they have an operating budget. These costs vary by group and it's important to encourage your student to ask questions about the associated costs of membership during recruitment. Housing arrangements are also important to ask about. Some fraternities and sororities at EMU live in houses off campus, and these locations vary. It's important to ask about what commitment may be involved with living in the house for a certain period of time.

Here are some resources for parents who may be new to fraternity and sorority life:

Fraternity and Sorority Life Alumni Information

If you are an Alumni who is interested in more information about being an involved with the community, please email The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

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