Faculty Spotlight - Qin Hu

A picture of Dr. Hu
Dr. Qin Hu
A picture of Dr. Hu

Dr. Qin Hu

About Dr. Qin Hu

Dr. Qin Hu is an associate professor in the GameAbove College of Engineering & Technology. She has been at EMU for five years and teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. 

She also serves as the program coordinator of The EMU - Beibu Gulf University (BGU) joint college.

The college offers five programs:

  • Computer Engineering Technology (BGU degree: Internet of Things)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (BGU degree: Mechanical Engineering)
  • Construction Management (BGU degree: Project Cost)
  • Product Design Engineering Technology (BGU degree: Mechanical Design/Manufacture)
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (BGU degree: Vehicle Engineering)

We currently have about 170 students in these programs.

Purpose of Teaching

Dr. Hu choose to teach due to the plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and inspire others. She was inspired by the school teachers and college professors she worked with along her educational journey and had the pleasure of learning their perspectives on many different aspects. Everything is electric! There are so many interesting examples in the Electrical and Computer Engineering field that she would like to share with students, guiding them to explore/build more.

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Research Agenda/Fields of Study

Dr. Hu teaches EECE 341 Engineering Electronics I, EECE 342, Engineering Electronics II, EECE 369 Introduction to Engineering Analysis Methods, EECE 430 Power Electronics, EECE 400 EECE Professional Practice and EECE 480 Senior Capstone, among others. 

Her research area is in pulsed power, bioengineering, and autonomous vehicles. Some of her research can be used directly as examples in the classroom to promote students’ curiosity and engagement; some are related to undergraduate research and capstone projects, which help students progress on their paths to finding a career in the engineering industry or attending graduate school. Conference presentations and journal publications from her research can promote EMU’s reputation in the Engineering field.  

Professional/Academic goals while at EMU

Goals for students

  • Assist them with finding their dream jobs or getting into their dream schools, pass the NCEES FE exam, get PE license in the near future, be a leader in their groups, life-long learning in the EECE field.

Personal goals

  • Maintaining the ABET accreditation for the EECE program, continue increasing the quality of the EECE program and increase the enrollment; involve more students, especially women engineering students, in research. 

To view the full list of publications by Dr. Qin Hu, visit her EMU faculty profile.

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering and Technology

One of Dr. Hu's favorite things about the CET is that program faculty members have full control of the curriculum of their programs. 

Advancement of Engineering and Technology in 10 years

Dr. Hu would foresee that Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence will be widely used in our everyday lives in 10 years, and renewable energy would dominate the global electricity capacity. 

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