Faculty Affiliates

  • Cassandra Barragan - Director of Aging Studies
  • Kristine Ajrouch - Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology
  • Jennifer Avery - Associate Professor and Associate Director of Graduate Nursing Studies
  • Ana Claudia Harten - Academic Administrator of Special Education
  • Yvette Colon - Professor of Social Work
  • Claudia Drossel - Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Annemarie Kelly - Assistant Professor of Health Science
  • Christina Topolewski - Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Renuka (Ray) Roche - Assistant Professor of Health Sciences
  • David Thomas - Professor and Program Director for Therapeutic Recreation
  • Sarah Walsh - Associate Professor of Health Sciences; Environmental Science and Society (ENVI) Interdisciplinary Program
  • Vicki Washington - Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Heather Wiese - Professor of Health Sciences

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