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Clinical Manual


The EMU PA Program didactic curriculum (12 months) provides students with a plethora of information, skills, and simulated patient interactions to prepare them for the clinical curriculum (12 months) portion of the program. The clinical curriculum offers students an opportunity to transition from the classroom to clinical practice via full-time clinical rotations under the supervision and guidance of medical providers in their area of expertise. The clinical rotations are an exciting, demanding, enriching, and rewarding experience that prepares each student to become a certified physician assistant.

The EMU PA Program Clinical Manual is a guide to the clinical year which clearly provides rules and regulations related to clinical rotations. Each clinical rotation also has a separate syllabus that details the specific goals, expected learning outcomes, objectives, assignments, evaluations and grading plan. Please note that the Clinical Manual posted on this website is for the current class of PA students on clinical rotations and recognize that policies and procedures may change in subsequent years.

You can download the entire document here: EMU PA Clinical Manual.

The Physician Assistant Program is part of the School of Health Promotion & Human Performance, 318 Porter Building, 734.487.0090