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April 10, 2018
Lunch and Learn: Physician Assistants, Social Workers, and Dieticians
Students Working Together DTC Students
November 14, 2017
Chelsea Retirement Community

Top 4 Health Concerns for Seniors presentation

by Nursing and Dietetic Students
Nursing and Dietetic Students at CRC 2017
November 3, 2017
Rackham Hall and St Joe's Sim Center

EMU and St. Joe Annual IPE SIM Day

Collaborative Video of Days Event
Introduction of SIM Day to New Participants
April 2017

Pilot: Small Scale Sim on Healthcare for Mental Illness

Closed Event with students from the Occupational Therapy Program, Health Education Program, Social Work Program, and Nursing Program with a focus on providing quality healthcare for people dealing with mental illness.

2017 Mental Health Sim Pilot 2017 Mental Health Sim Pilot
 March 22, 2017

IPE Speed Networking

The goal of IPE Speed Networking is to help students understand the roles of other professions encountered in the workplace. The event is similar to speed dating. Students will interact with faculty by going from table to table every seven minutes. In the first two minutes the student and faculty will each describe their profession. The remaining five minutes the student and faculty will explore how their professions interact in the workplace and/or community.Speed Networking 2017

speed networking Speed Networking 2017 Speed Networking 2017
March 16, 2017

Panel Presentation: Reflecting on Pregnancy and Parenting Experiences of Low-Income Families

By hearing these stories participants will be better prepared to service clients who have similar experiences. By reflecting on roles, responsibilities and patient centered care within interprofessional groups, participants will be better able to increase the quality of care and access to services in our communities. 

March 10, 2017

IPE Closed Event for EMU Students in Physician Assistant Program and Orthotics & Prosthetics Program along with

University of Michigan Students in Physical Therapy Program

EMU Students PA and O&P along with UofM Students PT EMU Students PA and O&P along with UofM Students PT EMU PA and O&P Students along with UofM PT Students
December 7, 2016

Fall, Food and Family Feud

Social Work and Dietetic Students worked together to create a theme for a mock quiz show and cooking class combined event. Students from all across campus attending the event learned facts about food insecurity and budgeting for healthy meals by introducing in-season root vegetables to their diet.

October 26, 2016

Aging Studies Program Annual Lecture

Aging and the 2016 Election: Promises, Positions and Claims

Presenter: Jim McGuire, MSW, Director of Research, Policy Development and Advocacy at the Area Agency on Aging 1-B

This presentation discussed many of the positions, claims, and promises made by Presidential Candidates Clinton and Trump regarding key senior programs like Social Security, Medicare, and long term care supports and services. Discussion of trends changing these key programs and how it affects professionals in the field of Aging. 

April 15, 2016

Local Food Justice Bus Tour

Learn about food justice through a local bus tour which will explore our Ypsilanti community's efforts to address it. The tour will be offered to every student, faculty, and staff in CHHS, first come first served. Potential stops: Hope Clinic, Growing Hope, Eastern's Giving Garden, and Ypsilanti Farmer's Market sites. There will be a brief pre-bus education session and a light snack will be provided.

Intro to Growing Hope Green House Viewing Eco Structure HOPE Clinic Food Pantry

April 7, 2016

Cook and Learn

Students from Social Work and Dietetics worked together to develop a cooking demonstration using spring vegetables. During the demonstration, participants played a game debunking common beliefs about food insecurity, farmers' markets and nutrition.

 Picture of Meal
March 15, 2016

IPE Simulation Event

East Side of Room Students Talking West Side of Room  
February 4, 2016

Healthy Cooking and Food Insecurity Myth Buster Class

Students from Social Work and Dietetics created a one-time two-hour class using food typically found in a food pantry and creating a healthy meal. During the cooking demonstration participants will play a game busting the myths of food insecurity. This game was developed by the students creating the class.

Cooking Demonstration by DTC Students Participants of Class
 January 29, 2016

Patient Models working with Physician Assistants, Dietitians, and Orthotics and Prosthetics Students

A group of community members with various orthopedic conditions will be invited to participate as patient models for a clinical session. In interprofessional teams of three (one student from each program), the students will evaluate the community member and then develop a coordinated plan of care. Each patient model will be evaluated by multiple teams of students. After each patient model is evaluated by three teams, the student teams will come together and compare treatment plans. Following the smaller team discussions, the students and patient models will gather as a large group to discuss experience and patient models will provide feedback about students' performance, particularly their teamwork and communication skills. The day will conclude with a cooking demonstration of the different types of meals recommended in a plan of care (e,g, diabetic diet, DASH diet).

DTC demonstration to group Participants of Event
January 21, 2016

Master in Social Work and MS Orthotics and Prosthetics combine for an Educational Learning Opportunity

Students from the Masters in Social Work (MSW) Services to the Aging concentration and MS Orthotics and Prosthetics students teamed up for an interprofessional experience where they collaborated on initial assessments of patients with transfemoral amputations. The goal of this opportunity is to collaborate on patient assessments and to provide students in both programs with an opportunity to engage in interprofessional practice, to not only strengthens their graduate education, but to better prepare them for their respective careers.


December 2, 2015
Movie Club for Students: A Discussion of Culture and Healthcare after Viewing Murderball 

A Movie Followed by a Discussion: Murderball portrays full-contact rugby players in wheelchairs overcoming obstacles to participate in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.


November 20, 2015
Case Study: Developing an Interprofessional Treatment Plan for Different Stages of Life

Developing an Interprofessional Treatment Plan for Different Stages of a Life

  • Acute Care: 11 years old (What is the chief concern for the patient’s situation? What needs are addressed from your professional view?)   
  • Transition Phase: Late 20’s (What are the needs of the patient during the transition from adolescent to adulthood? From the stand point of your profession, how do you address needs?)
  • Current Age (What are the current needs of the patient? How does your profession assist clients health needs around career, family, and social/recreational life? How does your profession determine patient’s needs?)
Case Study in the Round Case Study Table 1 Case Study Table 3 Case Study Table 4

November 18, 2015
Simulation Event
Students will be part of a stroke scenario with a medically trained actor. Students will be assessing medical condition, treatment, and determine discharge plan. Students from nursing and occupational therapy will be interacting with each other during the scenario. A debriefing will follow the event.


November 13, 2015
Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Pandemic Response 
Same as event on March 6, 2015 below

Disaster Preparedness FA15 Disaster Preparedness FA2015

November 10, 2015
Simulation Event
Students will be part of a medical scenario with a medically trained actor. Students will be assessing medical condition, treatment, and determine discharge plan. Students from the nursing program and the physician assistant program will be interacting with each other during the scenario. A debriefing will follow the event.

PA & NURS Simulation Event 10Nov2015 PA & NURS Simulation Event 10Nov2015

November 3, 2015
Gen Silent: Film Screening

Gen Silent Screening & Discussion Flyer


September 18, 2015

Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunity between Occupational Therapy students and Orthotics & Prosthetics students

O&P and OT Collaboration

Group photo of (from left) Betsy Cogswell (EMU O&P alumna), Jess Schafer, ATC Detroit Pistons (Missouri), Jeremy Murray (EMU O&P alumnus), Katherine Thorpe (EMU O&P), Darrun Hilliard, Rookie, Detroit Pistons, Mel Ring (EMU OT), and Kelsey Reineri (EMU OT) 


April 14, 2015
Pilot Simulation Event
Students will be part of a medical scenario with a medically trained actor. Students will be assessing medical condition, treatment, and determining discharge plan. Students will be interacting with other students from other professions during scenario. A debriefing will follow event.


March 6, 2015

Table Top: Disaster Preparedness: Pandemic Flu

In this IPE module you will engage in a pandemic response simulation exercise with other health professions students and professionals. This collaborative session will introduce you to the decision-making strategies used by healthcare professionals to plan and respond to a pandemic event.

Participants will complete two online training modules in preparation for the simulation exercise. A certificate of completion for the FEMA IS100 training module is provided upon completion of the Introduction to the Incident Command System to Hospitals module. Registered students receive access to a Canvas course site to complete the pre-training requirements. LBC credit is also available for participation in this event.

Disaster Preparedness 6MAR2015 Disaster Preparedness 6MAR2015

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