• Get Updates on COVID-19 for EMU Nursing Students

    For School of Nursing policies related to COVID-19, visit EMU School of Nursing policies regarding COVID-19 page.

  • ATI-TEAS Testing
    Due to the COVID-19 situation, the ATI-TEAS test will not be used for point calculations for the BSN application for Fall 2020 admissions. All applicants will be required to take the ATI-TEAS at a later date, when proctoring is available, so if you've already taken the ATI-TEAS test, you are simply one step ahead.  For the BSN application, you should submit "0-0-0-0" for your ATI-TEAS scores and you can upload a nonsense pdf (or cartoon) at that step.  If you have already submitted your BSN application with your ATI-TEAS scores, we will adjust your application and notify you. Thank you for your cooperation during this change.

    Second Bachelors Students - Change to Plan of Study
    Due to clinical placement issues, Peds (306/307) will not run this summer. Instead, you will need to take Adult Health (330/331). See Kathy Miller's letter to students on the EMU COVID page.
  • BSN APPLICATION Update: Pass/Fail courses (credit/no credit) cannot be used for the BSN application. An actual course grade is needed for point calculation for the BSN application. 

A faculty member holds a piece of chalk close to the camera.
Prepare to apply by taking the ATI TEAS exam.