Charles Graham Jr.

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Field Director, Associate Professor

Social Work

206K Marshall


[email protected]


  • Ph.D., Social Work and Psychology, University of Michigan
  • MSW, Clinical Social Work, University of Michigan
  • BA (with Honors), Social Welfare and Psychology, University of California, 


Dr. Graham is a licensed clinical social worker and psychologist, who has nearly 20 years of clinical experience working in private, non-nonprofit and governmental clinical settings, where he has provided and supervised psychotherapeutic interventions for adults and children from various cultural and racial backgrounds. Much of his clinical work and training has primarily focused on adolescents and young adults with mental illness, who are served within the criminal/ juvenile justice system (e.g. state/county juvenile detention facilities, Maxey Training School and other local and state correctional facilities) and health service delivery affiliated institutions (e.g. University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Services, St. Joe’s Hospital). He remains a current clinical therapist and consultant in adolescent addiction disorders and comorbidity with University of Michigan Hospital Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Graham’s past research projects have focused on juvenile delinquency and mental health, juvenile sexual offenders, Black male adolescent suicidality and depression, adolescent addiction, masculinity/male identity effects on criminal behavior, and the double marginal effects of HIV and substance abuse disorder on Black men in residential treatment. Most recently, his research has focused on “multiply marginalized” men in treatment and the longitudinal impact of choice, cognition, and context on their help-seeking and service use behavior. He is also interested in exploring and better understanding the relational effects of pathological identities on men of colors' concept of masculinity, perceptions of the lived world, decision-making and overall well-being. His aim through research is to develop culturally appropriate and appealing interventions that will lead to improved mental health service utilization, particularly among men of color with psychiatric disorders


  • Graham Jr, C. E. (2014). Assessing" Clinical Identity" through the Lenses of Choice, Cognition, and Context-Implications for Marginal Men in Treatment. Dissertations and Theses; University of Michigan
  • Wyatt, G.E., Gomez, C.A., Hamilton, A.B., Valencia-Garcia, D., Gant, L.M., and Graham C.E. (2013) The Intersection of Gender and Ethnicity in HIV risk, interventions, and prevention: New Frontiers for Psychology, American Psychologist, 2013 May–Jun; 68(4):247–260
  • Graham Jr., C.E, Black Men’s Expression of John Henryism and Illness Identity while in Substance Abuse Treatment, Presented at The Center for Men and Masculinities at Stony Brook University and the MenEngage Network, New York, NY.
  • Graham Jr., C.E Conceptualizing Self-Ascribed Marginality in Legally Coerced Black Male Treatment Participants, Presented at the American Men Association Conference, March 28–30, 2012, Minneapolis, MN
  • Graham Jr., C.E., Gendered Coping and Self-Ascription among Marginalized Men, Presented at the Rackham Centennial Symposium 2012, February 16, 2012, University of Michigan
  • Graham Jr., C. E., African American and Delinquency Prevention, Workshop Presentation at the St. Paul’s Parent and Child Retreat Conference February, 2008.
  • Graham Jr., C. E., Mental Disorders in Black Adolescents, Workshop Presentation at Residential Services for Youth Conference, May, 2006.


  • SWRK 488 Field Experience I
  • SWRK 489 Field Experience II
  • SWRK 506 Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Individuals and Families
  • SWRK 633 Research Methods for Agency Based Practice
  • SWRK 644 Family-Centered Practice
  • SWRK 652 Dynamics and Practice: Mental Illness Services



  • Licensed Master Social Worker, Macro and Clinical Specialty, State of Michigan


  • National Association of Social Worker (NASW)
  • American Psychological Association (APA)
  • American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA)
  • Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP)