Social Work Scholarships

Application Form for the 2018-19 Academic Year

The scholarship application is currently closed; please check back for updates!

Please note: Scholarships are competitive and only a single person is named the recipient of the scholarship. Hence, do your best to turn in an exceptional application and essay.

The amount of scholarship money awarded is taken out of amount you receive loaned by financial aid. Even so, the real benefit of a scholarship is that a student is named as the finalist and this always looks very good on your resume.

Scholarship applications are reviewed by a committee. We receive many applications and cannot offer any feedback to applicants who were not selected as finalists.

Once you decide on the scholarships to apply to, prepare a student essay (300 words maximum). Discuss each of the scholarships you are applying for and how your professional interests, experiences and/or goals connect to the scholarship.

To apply to the appropriate scholarship(s), go to the scholarship application. Please note: you will need to enter your NetID username and password to apply.

Questions? Contact Ann Rall or Chrissy Marsack.


  • Antonia Colón MSW Summer Scholarship 

    • MSW student with financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
    • Must be enrolled during the summer semester
    • Must be in good academic standing
    • Preference is given to a bilingual student (English/Spanish)
    • Submit an essay demonstrating commitment to serving people consistent with the EMU School of Social Work mission statement (500-word limit)
  • Donald Loppnow Endowed Scholarship 

    • Undergraduate or graduate student
    • Possesses qualities such as commitment to social work program missions, leadership abilities and/or outstanding scholarly achievement
    • May consider financial need
    • $717 awarded in previous years
  • EMU Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation Social Justice Scholarship

    Eastern Michigan University’s School of Social Work strives to live out its social justice mission through the education provided to students in our classroom; through engaged research; through community service; and through university service. The School of Social Work at EMU has a strong commitment to the region and its communities. The School prepares students to work with vulnerable, oppressed, and underserved populations and help people tackle problems rooted in poverty, racism, ageism, violence or illness. Our faculty, staff, students and alumni serve people of every age and background as they script new futures for themselves.

    The School is committed to providing access to high quality education for students from diverse backgrounds, including students who face material challenges as they strive to earn a college degree. Advocacy and mentorship for talented students of limited means is a critical part of our social justice mission.

    In 2018, the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation identified the School of Social Work as the recipient of a generous social justice endowment. Bruce Halle is an Eastern Michigan University alum and founder of Discount Tire and namesake of the library. Bruce and his wife Diane have generously earmarked funds to support faculty and students in the School of Social Work to advance social justice efforts.

    Scholarship Criteria

    Successful applicants must:

    Undergraduate students who will be enrolled in 488 or 489 in Winter 2019; OR Graduate students who will be enrolled in 595 or 696 in Winter 2019
    Good academic standing as defined by your program (including grades and student conduct)
    Find out about the application process and scholarship requirements.

    Scholarship Awards

    Five, $4000 scholarships will be awarded for the Winter 2019 and Summer 2019 semester.

    **Please note, this scholarship could impact your financial aid. Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

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    Contact Information

    EMU School of Social Work
    Colleen O’Brien
    734.487.3758 |

  • Leroy Watts Endowed Scholarship 

    • Established scholarship in memory of Roy Watts
    • For a student in social work with preference to a BSW candidate with a commitment to human justice
    • Selected per criteria of social work selection committee
    • $557 awarded in previous years
  • Robert E. Wollack and Family Endowed Scholarship 

    • Graduate student in social work with concentration in adolescents and families
    • Preference given to minority males. 3.0 minimum GPA
    • Financial need
    • Ideal candidate should have professional social work experience and have demonstrated exceptional ability working with male minority adolescents
    • $633 awarded in previous years
  • Wolverine Human Services  

    • Undergraduate or graduate social work major
    • At least part-time student
    • Financial need
    • Minimum undergraduate GPA: 3.30
    • Minimum graduate GPA: 3.70
    • Preference given to male, minority students
    • Preference given to Wolverine Human Services employees or members of their immediate family; students who have accepted an offer of employment or are serving an internship at Wolverine Human Services with intent of employment
    • $622 awarded in previous years
  • Frederick Lane III Scholarship 

    • MSW student in the family and children's services concentration
    • Financial need as demonstrated by a FAFSA on file with EMU's Financial Aid office
    • Essay to show creativity and innovation in pursuing social justice for children and families to be reviewed by the Social Work Scholarship Committee
    • When there is more than one applicant, the Social Work Scholarship Committee will carefully analyze the student essay to select the most applicable scholarship recipient
    • $1,310 awarded in previous years
  • Social Work Alumni Association 

    • A declared, 300-level, BSW or MSW student
    • Financial need determined by the Office of Financial Aid
    • GPA minimum 3.25
    • Applicants must submit a written essay showing demonstrated commitment to serving people consistent with the EMU Social Work mission statement (500-word limit)
    • $443 awarded in previous years
  • Geraldine Quarrella Scholarship 

    • Must be enrolled in the EMU BSW or MSW program
    • Student must be in need determined by the Office of Financial Aid
    • Essay question to be completed by applicants as follows: Explain your commitment of service to vulnerable populations and/or socio-economically disadvantaged individuals while listing any service with these groups. Additional explanation of personal experience of overcoming adversity and personal interest in pursuing the field of social work should be highlighted in the essay as well.
    • Annual award of $1,000