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Student Organizations

Get involved! Social work student organizations not only do good work in the community, they connect you with fellow students and future colleagues—across the university and across the country.

  • Social Welfare Action Alliance

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    The Social Welfare Action Alliance (SWAA) is a national organization of progressive social workers and other human service workers. Founded in 1985, the Alliance is based on principles that reflect a concern for social and economic justice, peace and coalition building with progressive social movements. Visit our Facebook page.

    Contact Ann Rall, faculty advisor at 734.487.6595 or [email protected].

  • Association of Black Social Work Students

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    The National Association of Black Social Workers (ABSWS) was and is a group founded in the midst of our struggles to be a self-determining people. We advocate for social change, justice and human development of African people here in the United States and throughout the world. Our affiliate chapters reflect seasoned practitioners and students of African ancestry who continue the struggle for justice and freedom. Visit the ABSWS site.

    Contact faculty advisors Charles Graham at 734.487.7785 or [email protected]

  • LGBT Resource Center

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    EMU's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center provides a comprehensive range of education, information and advocacy services. We work to maintain an open and supportive environment for all students, staff, faculty and the campus community. Visit the LGBT Resource Center page.

    Contact Mary Larkin at 734.487.1075 or [email protected].

  • Unmasked: Looking Beneath the Surface

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    Unmasked: Looking Beneath the Surface is an Eastern Michigan University student-led grassroots movement to end and prevent modern day slavery. View our Facebook page.

    Contact David Manville at 734.487.6634 or [email protected].

  • Social Work Honors

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    The Honors College offers undergraduate students opportunities for a wide range of experiences that aid in the development of their appreciation for creativity, the arts, sciences, critical issues facing contemporary society, and diversity among people and their cultures. Visit the Honors College site.

    Contact Jillian Graves at [email protected].

  • NASW -National

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    NASW is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world. NASW works to enhance the professional growth and development of its members, to create and maintain professional standards for social workers, and to advance sound social policies. Visit the NASW site.

    Contact: NASW at 750 First Street, NE Suite 800, Washington, DC 20002

  • NASW-Michigan Chapter

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    The Michigan Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has over 6,000 members who live and work in the State of Michigan. NASW-Michigan helps shape legislation that affects the health, welfare and education of all people. The Michigan Chapter works with several allied organizations to promote causes and services that improve society. Visit the The National Association of Social Workers - Michigan Chapter site.

    Contact the NASW Michigan Chapter at 517.487.1548 or [email protected].

  • CSWE

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    Founded in 1952, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) is the national association representing social work education in the United States. Its members include over 750 accredited baccalaureate and master’s degree social work programs, as well as individual social work educators, practitioners and agencies dedicated to advancing quality social work education. Visit the Council of Social Work Education site.

    Contact the Council on Social Work Education at 703.683.8080 or [email protected].

Participate in LEAD Day

Participate in NASW LEAD Day—Legislative, Education and Advocacy Day—in Lansing with your fellow students. Each year, the School of Social Work supports student participation in LEAD Day, where students spend a day in Lansing. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at NASW-Michigan's role in Michigan's political process. Learn how you can become a key advisor to the legislators and an effective advocate for the social work profession and the State's most vulnerable citizens.

In 2012, the EMU School of Social Work sent more than 100 students to LEAD Day. Look for notices of the upcoming Lansing trip each October.

Answer a Call to Serve

Your voice matters. The School of Social Work solicits participation from students in a variety of governance activities each year. For example, students participate on the School's Instructional, Grievance and Faculty Search Committees and make our program stronger and more reflective of student needs. Look for the Call to Serve issued in September.

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