Supervisor Spotlights

The EMU School of Social Work field office would like to thank our student nominators for highlighting these wonderful supervisors! We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they provide for our students. 

Kathleen Redmon, MSW

Agency: Affirmations
Role: Director of Programs
Nominated by: Jay Sloan (MSW Student)

"Kathleen is engaged with student goals and so knowledgeable about the work that they do at Affirmations. She freely shares her experience and insight on macro social work, while inviting us to make our own considerations based on our experiences- and uplifting those considerations. The space that has been created for me to be a person- to have shortcomings and to receive not only practical advice, but tangible support in overcoming them is a reflection of one's commitment to the core values of social work."-Jay Sloan

Priya Rednam-Waldo, LMSW MPH, PMH-C

Agency: Healing Home Counseling Group
Role: Clinical Therapist and Managing Partner
Nominated by: Chelsea Czegledi (MSW Student)

"Priya and everyone here at Healing Home makes me feel like I have value in the things I contribute and like I am one of the team instead of just an intern. She meets me where I am and then expands my knowledge on important aspects of the job. Priya is an inspiration and I feel privileged that I get to learn from her and the amazing people at this practice." -Chelsea Czegledi

Michelle Brennan, LMSW SSW 

Agency: South Lyon Community Schools
Role: Special Education School Social Worker
Nominated by: Sabrina Delozier (BSW Student)

"She is kind, compassionate, patient and understanding when it comes to the many questions I have had. She has challenged me to include myself more at South Lyon High School and taught me valuable information about being a Special Education Social Worker. She is professional, organized, and driven for success. She has been the reminder of my passion for social work." -Sabrina Delozier

Adam Grant

Agency: A Brighter Way
Role: Executive Director
Nominated by: Joseph Meyer (BSW Student)

"Everyone who works there has been formerly incarcerated and most of us didn't believe we were qualified to work there but Adam has inspired all of us and believed in us and pushed us to be good workers. Also he is passionate about helping returned citizens which is pretty much our mission statement. He has given me direction, inspiration, and empowered me to take the initiative in work affairs. He always available for me to ask questions and explains to me how and why we do things specific ways."-Joseph Meyer


Ayana Jenkins, BSW

EMU BSW Alumni, class of 2019

Agency: Our House
Role: Program Manager
Nominated by: Paige Martin (BSW Student)

​"​Ayana is a great supervisor because she provides a safe and comfortable place to learn.​ She has helped me realize how important and close-knit the Ypsilanti Community is and how many resources Ypsi has to offer. Ayana has contributed to my skill of being resourceful and how to reach out to the community to get needs met.​ She is a large part of why our organization is growing at an exponential rate, which ultimately allows us to help more young people aging out of foster care. I couldn't ask for a better placement or a better supervisor.​"​ -Paige Martin