Student Organization

Gerontology Program Student Organization (GPSO)

Come out and meet fellow students and program alumni! If you're interested in holding an office (president, vice president, graduate representative/secretary or undergraduate representative/membership), email [email protected] for more information.


Gerontology Alumni

Hear from our alumni:

"The education, including academic instruction and the professors, was excellent. The program allowed me to have a deeper understanding of aging emotionally and psychologically and helped in my daily experiences." – Cynthia S. Jackson–Blair, social worker, City of Detroit Head Start/Metro Home Health Care 

"The EMU gerontology program was a very rewarding endeavor. I thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating classroom experiences, off-site learning opportunities, and especially my fieldwork service. Not only did this education program challenge me on a variety of life issues, it opened my eyes to a fresh and dynamic view of life itself." – Ade Zielke, director of Family Life Education, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor

Certificate in Dementia Alumni

"While practicing as a dietitian in a hospital, the length of stay was typically short. The course, innovations in Alzheimer's care, emphasized the importance of relationship building. By getting to know the person with dementia, I was able to do a more thorough assessment of the person's nutritional status even though our time together was brief. The certificate in dementia helped me to realize the importance of 'slowing down' and taking the time to enjoy the process of 'being with' with the person." – Martha Sutton, MS, RD, Registered Dietitian

"The graduate certificate in dementia helped me to refine my role as an occupational therapist working with persons with dementia. The program speaks to the needs of persons with dementia who face occupational alienation, deprivation and imbalance and the impact these experiences can have on a person's abilities and their psychological well-being. The program's philosophy of person-centered care enabled me to move beyond a rehabilitation framework in which the main focus is on independence to one which focuses on improving quality of life and well-being for all people." – Jayne Yatczak, OTR/L, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Eastern Michigan University

"The certificate in dementia taught me the theories behind the methods I was already implementing as an administrator. I was able to take these concepts and techniques and apply them immediately to my work. The staff were excited about my involvement and eagerly wanted to hear about the things I had learned. Increasing my own skill level helped me to strengthen my position as an advocate for persons with cognitive loss and as a mentor for staff." – Kathy Decker-Burrous, MSW