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Enroll in a Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience (CSIE) course or course cluster in science, mathematics, or technology. Each CSIE will feature the following:

Inquiry-based courses

CSIE students will explore problems and solutions from the unique perspective of different disciplines under the guidance of faculty and experts from the community.

Customized academic support

CSIE scholars receive the benefit of smaller classes and access to CSIE advising and mentoring/tutoring.

Career exploration and mentorship opportunities

Public, private, and non-profit sector professionals—including EMU alumni—from a variety of fields work with CSIE students to share strategies for success and real world application of STEM academic programs and to create the opportunity for mentoring relationships.

Academic Service-Learning through community-based research

CSIE scholars engage in academically relevant community service or research to gain a deeper understanding of specific course objectives. The application of newly acquired skills—grounded in scientific rigor—enhances educational achievement. Guided reflection about the experience fosters civic awareness and personal growth.

Community of scholars

College students and higher education research describe the opportunity to share academic challenges in a community of scholars as essential to college students’ engagement and enjoyment. Students get to know each other well and often develop lasting friendships in this team-oriented environment.