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Academic Support

The CSIE program offers tutoring and special study groups so students have access to instructors, graduate students, and peers for extra support and help towards success in their STEM and CSIE courses.  Please contact our office (126 Science Complex, or call 734 487 0281) or your CSIE instructor for more information.

  • Book Loan program
    • The CSIE Program is pleased to offer textbooks, study guides, and other materials on loan to students enrolled in any CSIE course. Textbooks are available to students on the first day of class – please stop by the CSIE office to fill out necessary paperwork and to pick up your items.  The books and materials should be returned at the end of the semester.
    • The textbooks and supplies are FREE .
  • Tuesday Night Chemistry
    • These weekly sessions are for students taking first-year chemistry courses like, Environment & Its Chemistry (CHEM 115/116), Fundamentals of Chemistry (CHEM 117/118), Fundamentals of Organic/Biochemistry (CHEM 120), General Chemistry (CHEM 121-124).
    • Starting Fall 2017, we are adding study sessions in Survey of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 270/271), Organic Chemistry (CHEM 371/372/373), Honors Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM 376).
  • CSIE Office Tutoring/Advising/Mentoring
    • CSIE offers one-to-one tutoring, advising/mentoring sessions with trained peer mentors in STEM.
    • You can schedule a meeting with one of our peer advisors through the CSIE office in 126 Science Complex, call 734 487 0281, or email us at
    • Feel free to visit us during open office hours to use our open computer lab and/or to network with our staff and CSIE faculty.
  • STEM-a-Thon
    • The CSIE STEM-a-Thon is a summer bridge program to prepare incoming students interested in science, technology, engineering and math to improve your STEM skills.
    • It is a FREE program scheduled over the summer.
    • This program is available both in face-to-face and online mode.


Below are some links to other academic support services on campus:

For more information, or to make a donation to the CSIE Book Loan Program, contact