Engage@EMU works to create an open door of possibilities for community members looking to begin a secondary education. With the various programs list below, college is attainable and accessible.

  • TRiO Student Support Services

    Eastern Michigan University’s TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) is a program funded by the U.S. Department of Education to provide opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their post-secondary education. The goal of TRiO SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. As part of EMU's TRIO SSS Program, students have access to tailored cultural activities to help them acclimate to the university and develop strong relationships with their peers, instructors and advisors.

  • TRiO Vets

    EMU offers superior service and support through its Veteran Student Support Services program in the Lt. Col. Charles S. Kettles Military and Veteran Services Resource Center. Our program provides dedicated academic and personal support, tailored to address the unique needs of veterans who are in pursuit of a bachelor's degree from EMU. Once enrolled in the program you will meet with the Director of Veteran Student Support Services at least once per semester to review academic progress ensuring you are on the path to academic success.

  • EMU Upward Bound

    Upward Bound [BROKEN LINK] is a Federally-funded pre-college academic program designed to provide students from Ypsilanti Community High School with the academic skills enhancement and motivation necessary to obtain a college degree. EMU Upward Bound is staffed by experienced, caring counselors and professionals who want to help young people achieve their dreams and most importantly build their character. Program services and activities are free to those who participate in the program. Participants can even earn a monthly stipend for miscellaneous education expenses.

  • College Coaching Corps

    The College Coaching Corps program seeks to help more Michigan middle school and high school students pursue post-secondary educational opportunities, particularly those students that are located in communities with low socio-economic status and low adult educational attainment rates.

  • Eagle Engage Corps

    The Eagle Engage Corps combines debt forgiveness and public service in tandem with Eastern Michigan University community programs in order to re-engage students who have left EMU or are considering leaving as a result of financial challenges.

  • Advise MI

    Advise MI, a program of Michigan College Access Network, works to increase college readiness, participation, and completion in Michigan, particularly among low-income students, first-generation college-going students, and students of color. The goal of the program is to increase the number of high school students who enter and complete post-secondary education. The advisers are recent college graduates from partner colleges. After an intensive four-week training, advisers will be poised to help students navigate the complex college exploration process, retake college admissions tests, apply to colleges that are a good match/fit, complete the FAFSA, secure financial aid, and matriculate to college. For other Academic Support Programs throughout EMU, visit the website for more information.

  • Community Scholars Program

    The Community Scholars Program is a cross-county collaboration between EMU, Washtenaw Community College, Washtenaw Futures (WISD) and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to assist the AAACF Community Scholars to persist and thrive in their post-secondary experiences.

    The success coaches, housed, at WCC, trained by EMU and provided oversight through both AAACF’ and Washtenaw Futures, provide coaching to the scholars throughout the entirety of their college careers. In 2020, success coaches provide oversight for over 30 students at various community colleges and universities in Michigan.

    More information on the Community Scholars Program is can be found on the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation website.

  • Returning Citizen Fellows Program  

    The Returning Citizen Fellows program (RCF) is a cohort structured student success and persistence program for individuals who were formerly incarcerated in and/or with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC).