It is the policy of Eastern Michigan University that all existing and future University programs and activities involving minors must be developed and administered to provide a safe and protective environment for participating minors.

  • Virtual Programming

    The intent of EMU’s Minors on Campus policy remains in regards to virtual programming. Register all EMU virtual camps/programs involving minors to enroll them in the training as well as initiate their background checks.

    Below are some additional things to keep in mind when engaging in Virtual Programming with Minors.

      • Programs should consider reviewing current policies and adding relevant virtual programming related/other items for Minors programming.
      • You may be engaging with Minors through virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Classroom, and more. Please make sure that parents/legal guardians of the Minors are aware of and have consented to the Minor’s participation in the virtual programming and use of platform. Feel free to adjust suggested forms from our Templates & Additional Resources tab to reflect virtual programming.
      • Consider the safety and security measures of the platform used and implement privacy measures as possible, i.e. password, limited sharing of links to programming, etc.
      • Parents/legal guardians should be able to access the virtual programming session, as well as any links, resources, activities, and more that your program may use during program time with the Minor.
      • Any and all virtual communications/chats should be available to every participant and parent/legal guardian. 
      • Prohibit recording of Minors. If recording Minors during programming, please provide and collect signed Media Release forms.
      • Authorized Adults/Program Staff should not invite Minors into one-on-one virtual spaces/other unauthorized virtual spaces, or engage Minors outside of set program times.
      • At least 2 program staff should be present before Minors are allowed to join the video group. 
      • All Authorized Adults/Program Staff should continue to follow and uphold guidelines stated in the Minors on Campus Procedure in virtual settings as well. Please review these.
      • A release form template for virtual programming is available below under the 'Templates & Additional Resources' tab.
  • Program Registration

    Register your program at least 45 days before the start of your program. Program registration must be renewed every year. Register your program.

  • Background Check

    Required for all individuals working with minors. Eastern Michigan University's Human Resources will conduct these background check reviews as they are submitted and the Program administrator will be notified of any flags. Background checks must be renewed every three years.

    Please keep in mind Background Checks may take from 1-2 days up to a week to run. Programs will also be responsible for the cost of the background check needed. There is an additional cost for doing a driver's records check, which is applicable to any programs that have program staff transporting minors. Costs for all checks may vary and are subject to change.

    Information for background checks are submitted on the program registration form.

  • Training

    Training is provided online through Canvas. Submitted authorized adults/staff will receive enrollment and updates from MOC Graduate Assistant, Olivia Allen ([email protected]).

  • Templates & Additional Resources

  • FAQ

    Please review our FAQ for answers to questions you may have. If there is anything not answered here, please contact Engage@EMU. View FAQ [PDF].

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