Environmental Science and Society

Mark Jefferson/Science Complex 301V

Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Phone: 734.487.6723

[email protected]

About Us

Mission Statement

The Environmental Science and Society (ENVI) program at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) aims to create a community of interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners focused on understanding environmental issues in all of their dimensions. Through teaching, research, and service, the ENVI program promotes academic engagement with respect to human-environment interactions and sustainability.

Student Take Aways from the Program

  • Develop critical thinking skills and apply them to the analysis of a problem or question.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of major environmental issues and their potential solutions.
  • Understanding of the scientific process, including inquiry, hypotheses, and revision.
  • Value the importance of diverse worldviews in public and scholarly discourses on environmental issues. 
  • Apply concepts, principles, and theoretical frameworks for analyzing the ethical aspects of environmental issues. 
  • Identify the formal and informal societal constraints on addressing environmental problems. 
  • Communicate integrated perspectives on complex environmental problems or issues to both professional and lay audiences. 
  • Gather an in-depth understanding of at least one of the sub-disciplines within the envi major.

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