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Tim Mullins sitting outside with flute
Tim Mullins
Tim Mullins sitting outside with flute

Tim Mullins

Congratulations to Tim Mullins for being offered the graduate assistantship in flute at Ithaca College where he will be working on his Master of Music degree!

Congratulations to Kayla Cieslak for winning the National Flute Association Collegiate Flute Choir Competition! She will perform with the group at the Orlando convention this summer!

Congratulations to Kayla Cieslak for being selected to participate through national audition in the Renova Music Festival this summer in Pittsburgh! The festival is free to participants and she will have the opportunity to study with nationally recognized musicians and perform chamber and orchestral music.

Congratulations to Kayla Cieslak who won through national audition to participate in the USAF Collegiate Symposium!

Congratulations to Timothy Mullins who was chosen through national audition to perform with the National Collegiate Flute Choir at the National Flute Association Convention in Minneapolis in August, 2017!

​Enjoy this must see video by Mary Rose Nieman!

Congratulations to Timothy Mullins for receiving Honorable Mention in the EMU Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition!

Congratulations to Ashley Hagadon who recently completed the Disney College Program!

Congratulations to Katie Grabowski who is Public Programmer at the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn. She is a graduate of the NYU Steinhardt School of Music and studied with Gary Schocker.

Congratulations to Timothy Mullins for winning the EMU William Stewart Competition!! He performed Reinecke Concerto Movement I solo with the bands!

Congratulations to Mary Rose Nieman for winning the EMU Concerto/Aria Competition!! She performed Griffes Poem with the EMU Symphony Orchestra.

Congratulations to the Emerald Flutes quartet and trio for performing on the Semfa Festival in October. The following is a recording of the Bach/Anderson/Larson arrangement of the Bourree.

Congratulations to Dr. Penny Fischer for being selected to receive the National Flute Association Distinguished Service Award at the 2015 convention in Washington, D.C.!! She was celebrated at the national convention in August 2015 with a full recital and Gala Dinner. Pictured are Dr. Fischer with her award and the Michigania Fluters who performed on the recital tribute to Dr. Fischer (L to R Debbie Ash, Penny Fischer, Laura Larson, Julie Stone)

Congratulations to Jessic Peltz Smith, EMU alum for her outstanding masters recital at Ithaca College and for receiving the Master of Music degree!

Congratulations to the EMU Emerald Flutes for being selected to perform at the NFA convention in Chicago in 2014 and performing beautifully!! The performance included a World Premiere of Hoe Down by Christopher Caliendo written for the EMU Emerald Flutes.

Congratulations to Carrie Wiesinger (BM 2000) who is performing with the Hollywood Concert Orchestra and the Saginaw Symphony.

Congratulations to Jessica Peltz (BM 2012) and Ashley Smith (BM 2012) who were chosen to perform at the Panoramic Flutist Master Class at the University of Colorado at Boulder this past summer. They had the opportunity to study with Leone Buyse, Christina Jennings, and Lisa Garner Santa.

Congratulations to Jessica Peltz for winning the Manilow Scholarship Competition, 2011 and her appointment as the flute graduate assistant at Ithaca College graduating with her Masters in Music from Ithaca College in 2014.

Congratulations to Corinne Galligan (BME 2013) for winning the AEA Kappa Kappa Psi national scholarship, 2011 and her new job teaching K-5 music in Pulaski, Wisconsin.

Congratulations to Kelly Drouillard Hornbarger on her completion of her Masters Degree in Music Theory at Michigan State University and her new job in Indiana.

Congratulations to Samuel Karafotis (BME 2011) on his new job as band director at Atoka High School and McCall Middle School in Atoka, OK and at Lane Public School in Lane, OK.

Congratulations to Nicole Harris (BME 2013) who served as the Assistant Director of the High School Girls Division at the Interlochen Arts Camp during the summer of 2013, was a Residential Assistant at the Interlochen Arts Academy, and is currently teaching music in Lakeview, Oregon.

Congratulations to Kayla Younkin for being cast as lead role Nancy in Forever After Productions Oliver!