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Audition Requirements for Flute

Please find the steps to the application process here and join us for an audition day at EMU! The following are flute audition requirements and guidelines. The audition will last approximately 15–20 minutes and is an important part of the application process. Please try to attend an official audition date if possible. These dates are listed in the application for the School of Music. These requirements are for undergraduate auditions. For graduate auditions please contact Dr. Stone.


For all music majors please play one of your choice from each of the following categories:

  • Major scale, 2 octaves
  • Minor scale, harmonic or melodic minor form, 2 octaves
  • Chromatic scale 2 octaves (more if possible but not required)

For minors please be able to play one from the following:

  • Major scale, 2 octaves 


  • Bachelor of Music Performance:  two solos of contrasting styles from the list below or of comparable difficulty
  • Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Music Therapy, Bachelor of Arts one solo from the list below or of comparable difficulty.
  • Flute minors one solo of your choice not necessarily from list below.


  • Bach, J.S./Sonatas
  • Bloch/Suite Modale
  • Burton/Sonatina
  • Chaminade/Concertino
  • Coleman/Legends
  • Debussy/Syrinx
  • Doppler/Fantaisie Patorale Hongroise
  • Enesco/Cantabile et Presto
  • Faure/ Fantaisie
  • Gaubert/Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
  • Godard/Idylle or Allegretto
  • Griffes/Poem
  • Handel/Sonatas
  • Hindemith/Sonata
  • Honegger/Danse de la chevre
  • Hue/Fantaisie
  • Ibert/Concerto
  • Kennan/Night Soliloquy
  • Liebermann/Sonata
  • Mozart/Concerto in D or G
  • Nielsen/Concerto
  • Poulenc/Sonata
  • Quantz/Concerto in G
  • Rocherolle/Sonata
  • Stamitz/Concerto in G
  • Telemann/Fantasies or Sonatas

Sight Reading

A short work will be selected by Dr. Stone for sight reading at the audition.

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