Plenary Speakers

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Tim Boerst, University of Michigan

AMTE's Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics: Questions, Challenges, and Opportunities

AMTE’s Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics (SPTM) bring together insights from existing standards documents and connect and augment them in ways that could support the initial preparation of mathematics teachers. Of course, progress and improvement in mathematics teacher preparation involves more than articulating and disseminating the SPTM standards. As a group whose members play many roles in preparing mathematics teachers, MI-AMTE should consider questions, challenges and opportunities presented by the SPTM standards as invitations to improve mathematics teacher preparation. In this session, Dr. Boerst, a member of the SPTM writing group, will share insights from the development of the standards and propose ideas and avenues for next steps.


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Kristen Bieda, Michigan State University

Supporting Early Career Elementary Teachers' Enactment of Ambitious Mathematics Instruction

Early career mathematics teachers face mounting pressures to enact rigorous mathematics instruction, framed by policy initiatives such as the Common Core (NGA & CCSSO, 2010), that may conflict with how they are evaluated using generic observation instruments. These early career teachers (ECTs) may lean on supports through their school-based social networks, which can include principals and instructional coaches, to help them navigate these competing demands. In this talk, I will share insights from a large-scale study of the mathematics lesson planning and instruction of approximately 150 ECTs regarding how the guidance they receive from mentors and colleagues supports the quality of their mathematics instruction. These findings are based on the use of the TRU Math observation framework (Schoenfeld, Floden & the ATS project, 2014), interviews with ECTs, and survey findings from both ECTs and their mentor colleagues. Implications for district-level support of teacher collaboration and cooperation, as well as for teacher preparation programs supporting teacher candidates as they enter the field, will be discussed.

Mark Hoover

Mark Hoover, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Amy Parks, Michigan State University

Preparation Standards for Elementary Mathematics Teaching in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Education is revising elementary teacher certification — its structure and standards. This session will summarize draft standards for mathematics-specific teaching and mathematical knowledge for teaching, discussing the adoption process and implications for teacher education programs and schools.

Amy Parks