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   Heating Plant

The Heating Plant, built in 1951, is a modern and efficient energy conversion facility. In 1987 with the installation of a “Co-Generation” system, the Heating Plant also began to generate electricity. In this system, natural gas is burned in an industrial grade gas turbine coupled to a generator producing roughly half of the electricity consumed on Campus at an efficiency of 30%.


In addition, another 40% of the natural gas input is in the turbine exhaust and is converted to steam used for campus heating and cooling. When this system is not being used, campus steam needs are supplied by conventional steam boilers 

The Heating Plant is staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by six persons: Four shift engineers, a maintenance engineer and a supervising foreman. More than 90% of the electricity, fuel oil and natural gas used on campus pass through this facility. 

The Heating Plant does not control building temperatures. Issues of building temperatures need to be routed to the Physical Plant HVAC Shop.