Professional Programs & Training (PPAT) offers non-credit classes in topics of interest to those employed in health care settings. Taught by industry experts, these programs meet compliance requirements and provide continuing education units (CEUs) to help you excel and advance in your career.

Impact of Implicit Bias

This virtual presentation is designed to define implicit bias and discuss how implicit biases can adversely impact the way in which healthcare services are provided to clients. This class has been approved for two (2) Nursing CEUs and should meet initial licensure and renewal licensure requirements in the State of Michigan. All other participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In this two-hour session, participants will be able to define what implicit bias is, how it manifests in their work as a healthcare provider, the current impact of American medical history that creates inequitable access to healthcare services in the healthcare system, and will give strategies to ameliorate the adverse effect of inequitable access to healthcare based on policies, practices and procedures that result in barriers  and disparities in the access to and delivery of health care services. 

The Human Services Professional

Incorporating theory, personal reflection and practical application, this interactive and engaging 12-week program is designed as a set of experiences that support a shift in thinking about how we treat each other. It includes activities to help participants better understand and more effectively engage with the individuals they serve in public facing roles. 

Participants will gain an understanding of interpersonal communications as applied in three high impact human services professions: Education, Healthcare and Law Enforcement. Using basic applied research techniques, these practitioners are able to explore key cultural and social differences among service providers and resource seekers and use this knowledge to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of interpersonal communications at the point of service.



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