The new approach to product development 

Agile methods have redefined software development, and they can transform your product lifecycle too. By applying Agile processes, your company can shrink your time to market, adapt to changes in requirements and make continuous improvement a reality. If streamlining procedures is your goal, Agile may be right for you. Find out how sprints and scrums can propel your company ahead of the competition. Offered in partnership with Daugherty Business Solutions, all open-enrollment Agile classes are virtual and can also be offered on a contract basis for your group or organization.


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International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a community-driven organization that consists of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors. ICAgile is not just another certification body. They are changing the way people do agile by helping them become agile.

From the beginning, ICAgile’s mission has been to help organizations achieve sustainable agility by focusing on the transformation of people, not just processes. We do this by providing learning journeys that equip people with an Agile mindset as a foundation, then guide them along a path towards mastery in their chosen discipline.

  • Foundational Expand dropdown
    • ICAgile Certified Professional (21 Hours)
  • Intermediate Expand dropdown
    • Agile Product Ownership (21 Hours)  
    • Agile Project and Delivery Management (21 Hours)
    • Agile Team Facilitation (21 Hours) 
    • Foundations of DevOps (21 Hours)
    • Business Agility Foundations (21 Hours)
  • Advanced Expand dropdown
    • Enterprise Product Ownership (21 Hours) 
    • Agile Coaching (20 Hours) 
    • Agile Testing (17.5 Hours)
    • Agile Product Management (16 Hours) 

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For over a decade, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) has been the world’s leading framework for business agility.
The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) provides guidance on how businesses and employees can grow and respond to change. It was founded with the SAFe “Big Picture” and a training and certification program. Today, SAFe is in its fifth iteration and has been adopted by more than 20,000 enterprises across the globe.

For more information about scheduling an Agile class for your group or organization, contact [email protected] or 734.487.2259.

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