Eastern Michigan University

Environmental Health & Safety

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  • For assistance call 734.487.0799

Blue Light Phones and Emergency Assistance Stations

As part of EMU's dedication to the safety of our students, staff, faculty and visitors, over 50 emergency assistance stations and 40 blue light emergency phones have been installed throughout campus.  These systems are extremely easy to use and are a direct lifeline to EMU Public Safety getting help on the way fast.

Emergency Phone

Blue Light Phones

Blue light phones exist for your safety and convenience. The phone locations are marked by a blue light on top of a post marked "Emergency." In an emergency, press the red button to automatically dial the EMU Police Department. When you press the button, the blue light on top of the pole will begin flashing to help officers find your location easier. 

You can also use these phones to call anywhere on campus.

Blue Phone IconBlue phone locations are indicated by icon on the campus map.

Emergency Assistance Stations

Emergency Assistance Station

Inside multiple buildings on campus are over 50 emergency assistance stations. These stations are located near the exits of the larger buildings on campus and look similar to a fire alarm pull station. They are easily identifiable by their blue color, a blue light and a sign that says, "Emergency Assistance" above them. Just like the blue light phones, these stations, when activated, will dial Public Safety Dispatch and the light will begin flashing. Simply talk into the speaker box after pulling the handle to communicate with a Public Safety Dispatcher.

All emergency assistance stations are equipped a video camera programmed to automatically show your location when the station is activated.  This allows Dispatchers to both talk to and see you at the station immediately.