Break Housing

Break housing refers to whether or not your assigned residence hall or apartment remains open during University closures. Break housing was covered with each student during the application process. Students were advised to select housing that met their break housing needs.

Areas that are closed for break housing fully shut-down during winter recess and spring break.

Students in closed halls not permitted to stay in their residence hall space during these University closure periods. Student access to these areas is prohibited from the posted building closing date and time through the posted building opening date and time. All students residing in these areas must find alternative housing during this time.

Students living open halls and apartments are permitted to remain in their spaces during winter recess and spring break provided they sign up for break housing. Student access is granted to only those who sign-up for break housing by posted deadlines.

Why are students required to sign-up for break housing? In case of an emergency, we need to know who is here during breaks. Signing up for break housing just means that we know you may be staying in your space during the break period, and can make sure you are safe.

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