Work Orders

Before submitting a work order students must complete the COVID questionnaire on the Physical Plant work order website. Please note that you have completed COVID questionnaire in the body of your work order request. All students must complete the University's COVID pass Daily health screening  before a Service Tech can enter your room or apartment. 

Link to COVID Pass Daily Health Screening

All students must wear face coverings and maintain physical distancing while a Service Tech is working in your room or apartment. 

*When you submit a work order please check your email for updates. If you need help completing the work order please go to your front desk. If your work order is not address within 3 working days, please contact your front desk.

Submit a Work Order  Internet Issues

To report an emergency:

  • During normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), call the Physical Plant at 734.487.3380.
  • During night or weekend emergencies, call the Department of Public Safety at 734.487.1222.

Emergency items include, but are not limited to:

  • Conditions that affect the safety or health of members of the campus community or surrounding area
  • Conditions that immediately impact the continued performance of academic, student, or administrative functions - Examples include:
    • Major loss of building heat
    • Loss of power to all circuits in area (if one outlet of many is affected, this should be classified as a lower priority)
    • Elevator malfunctions
    • Smoke
    • Fire alarms
    • Continuous leaks that may result in damage to facility or contents (If leak can be contained it should be, i.e.- turning off water source if drain is leaking or marking the equipment "out of order" if more are available)
  • Immediate security issues - Examples include:
    • Broken windows or doors that cannot be secured
    • Fire or emergency systems in state of alarm or limited function that must be returned to normal to ensure safety of residents

The timeline for service is based upon the need, the severity of the problem, the amount of time needed for repairs, and the availability of staff. While some damage is normal wear and tear, completing a work order does not exempt you from paying for appropriate repairs if you are responsible for the damages.

Maintenance staff employed or contracted by Eastern Michigan University may enter occupied rooms during the course of their work. This includes but is not limited to emergency maintenance or the completion of work orders.

Please note that the submission of a work order constitutes permission for maintenance staff to enter a room and access any area necessary for the completion of their work.

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