601 West Forest Apartments

601 West Forest Apartments

This historical house consists of four apartments that are conveniently located on the south-east edge of main campus. Each apartment has its own kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Married couples and/or applicants with dependents are not permitted to reside in this complex.

For the 2020–2021 academic year, only those students who graduated from high school during the 2017–2018 school year or earlier, are eligible for any of the University Apartment options.

This hall remains open for breaks, see a complete list of dates HERE

Suite Measurements

Apt. One: Two Bedroom (Double)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Two: Three Bedroom (Quad)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Three: Two Bedroom (Triple)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Apt. Four: Two Bedroom (Quad)
Dimensional Floor Plan

Staff Contact

Mackenzie BihnMackenzie Bihn
Graduate Hall Director
 University Apartments
[email protected]

Tamara Miller Tamara Miller
Complex Director
[email protected]


For 2019-2020

601 West Forest Apartment
Standard Furnished
Per Year: $5076
Per Semester: $2538

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