SAC Override Procedures

Overrides for Closed Classes (Capacity Overrides):

Such overrides are granted at the sole discretion of the instructor of the section and are subject to room capacity limits.  Students seeking this type of override should reach out directly to the instructor requesting an override and provide their name of record, their EID#, and the CRN for the section for which an override is being requested.  If the instructor agrees to provide an override, the instructor should inform the Department Head and secretary of this decision.

Overrides for Other Reasons (Prerequisites and Class Standing):

Requests to override prerequisites for SAC courses will generally not be entertained.  However, there are certain situations where overrides are needed in order to allow a student to register for a course for which they have met the prerequisites in a manner that the registration system does not recognize (transfer credits, higher coursework, etc.). If a student is seeking an override in such a situation, they should reach out to the Department Head to see if an override is appropriate.  Overrides related to class standing (e.g., when a graduate student seeks to register for an undergraduate course) can also be sought through the Department Head.

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