About Us

Besides the growing number of students focusing on one of SAC's programs, thousands of EMU undergraduate students sign up for SAC classes every year to earn credits for the university's undergraduate general education program.

SAC's undergraduate programs provide a solid liberal arts educational background. With a combination of larger introductory courses, small upper-level seminars, internships and other hands-on learning experiences, our undergraduate majors become well prepared for a professional career in the private sector, government, and non-profit organizations. Our students also find themselves ready to apply to graduate schools across the country for further studies in sociology, anthropology and criminology, or for professional training in law, medicine, business, education and social work. Students with a graduate degree from SAC are well suited for professional careers demanding a broad understanding of social issues in combination with expertise in qualitative as well as quantitative research methods. Some of SAC's graduate students subsequently pursue Ph.D. programs.

Our full-time tenure-line faculty all have Ph.D.s and are active researchers in their field. Many of SAC's faculty have excellent records of obtaining internal and external funding for their research and of involving undergraduate and graduate students in their research endeavors.

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