Kristine Ajrouch

A photo of Kristine Ajrouch


Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

712 Pray-Harrold



Interests and Expertise

  • Aging and the life course
  • Social relations and health
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Culture
  • Immigration
  • Arab Americans
  • Middle East


Professor Ajrouch's many research interests include cultural aspects of social relations over the life course. Her research has focused, for over 15 years, on Arab Americans in the U.S., beginning with ethnic identity formation among adolescent children of immigrants and more recently focusing on the experience of aging from the perspective of older adults in the metro-Detroit Arab American community. She recently initiated a program of study concerning the topic of family ties and aging in Beirut, Lebanon, following a Fulbright award in 2008. Professor Ajrouch also studies the topics of forgiveness and immigrant integration in comparative perspective. She is currently a research fellow with the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding where she is concluding a comparative study on aging Muslim families. Fine dining with her life partner Abraham is what she enjoys to relax, with a special place reserved for viewing meaningful films that offer life lessons with her son Ali and daughter Rachelle. Professor Ajrouch was born and raised in metro-Detroit, where she has lived for most of her life.