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Who can use the pantry?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes!  Any EMU student can use the pantry as needed during open hours. If you have questions about whether you can use the pantry please email [email protected].

How to get started using the pantry

  1. Make sure you're registered for the current or upcoming term.
  2. We require students complete our Swoop's Food Pantry Intake Form prior to visiting the pantry.   Your information will be kept confidential. Swoop's Food Pantry uses this intake form to gather information to better serve the needs of our customers.
  3. To minimize social contact, the shopping process has been adjusted. When picking up your groceries or shopping in-person, please wear face masks and practice responsible social distancing.  
    •  Online Shopping and Pick-up: Clients are requested to complete an Online Shopping Request Form before arriving.  Items will be bagged by staff and brought out to clients when they arrive at 105 Pierce at their scheduled time.
    • In-Person Shopping during Open Hours: Clients are requested to follow instructions upon entrance of the building to access 201 Pierce for in-person shopping.
  4. Visitors to Swoop's can enter through the main entrances on the north side of Pierce Hall near the elevator.

Note: Please note students are not allowed to pick up food for other students.

Summer Semester Hours

Mondays 10am-5pm Wednesdays 12pm-6:30pm Thursdays 12pm-5pm

Fall Semester Hours

Mondays 10am-5pm Tuesdays CLOSED Wednesdays 12-6:30pm Thursdays 12-5pm Friday 12-5pm

Or by appointment by emailing [email protected].


John & Angie Sabo
Swoop's Food Pantry Room
104 Pierce Hall
Ypsilanti, MI 48197