About Us

The Department of World Languages prepares students for professional roles in education and business in a multicultural world by fostering facility in one or more languages. We aim to help students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to deepen and sustain cross-cultural understanding and perspectives.

We teach languages both for their inherent humanistic value and for their practical application in today's international world of work and careers. Among the specific goals of the department are:

  • To comply with the national standards (cultures, communication, connections, comparisons and communities)
  • Provide experiences (e.g. practice teaching, immersion programs and internship) enhancing student awareness and understanding of other cultures and the multicultural reality of the U.S.
  • Promote critical thinking on a variety of topics.
  • Equip students to communicate and pass on their acquired knowledge to others.
  • Enable students to work more effectively in today's global working environment.

Teaching Programs

Our teacher preparation programs prepare skilled second and foreign language teachers for a variety of national and international education settings. Graduates of these programs possess appropriate language competency, cross-cultural awareness and pedagogical skills and resources to provide effective instruction  meeting U.S. national standards.

Business Language Programs

Our business language programs provide students from diverse backgrounds with knowledge and skills in modern foreign languages, cultures and international business. We enhance the lives of students and the community by teaching students to function effectively in international business contexts.

Language Programs

Our purpose for language instruction is to promote the language acquisition necessary for the understanding of and successful participation in multicultural societies. Through learner-centered approaches, we strive to foster of the nature of language and culture.

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