Eastern Michigan University

Connecting the Dots:  Call for Proposals

The Delores Soderquist Brehm Center for Special Education Scholarship & Research is dedicated to creating transformational research and the next generation of leaders in special education. We are about becoming, who we can be together, building relationships, and making connections across communities. We're about figuring out what the norm is, and exploring its boundaries. The conference is seeking students, faculty, and community members who are doing innovative research and work aimed at building inclusive societies to be presenters.

To participate as a presenter please submit your proposal application and upload the required materials.





Planners, presenters, and participants of the Connecting the Dots conference are committed to the principle of creating real, whole communities that are accessible to all. Our intention is to reach a rich and diverse audience, spanning a multitude of disciplines, experiences, cultural communities and learning styles. As part of this experience, we want to explore of privilege and injustice, and to reflect on the inclusion and exclusions of our time together. Connecting the Dots is a small, time-limited, intentional community, in which we will strive to create together (uncertainly, gently, carefully) a space that is safe for all who attend, and which stretches and reimagines the boundaries of the idea of access, including financial access.