Facilities & Field Sites

The Biology Department is thrilled to have taken occupancy of its labs and classrooms in the renovated Mark Jefferson Science Complex. Our facilities include:

  • Biology teaching labs
    • Anatomy and physiology labs (two)
    • Botany lab
    • Ecology lab
    • Introductory biology labs (five)
    • Microbiology lab
    • Molecular/cellular biology labs (two)
    • Science education labs (two)
    • Tissue culture lab
    • Zoology lab
  • Animal Museum
  • Electron Microscopy Facility
  • Herbarium
  • Plant Growth Chamber Facility
  • Radioactivity Laboratory
  • State-of-the-art research labs designed to accommodate our diverse research programs
  • Support space for our teaching and research operations
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Research Facility (greenhouse)

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