Department of Biology

441 Mark Jefferson
Science Complex
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

About Us

Mission and Goals

To cultivate and support an inclusive and collaborative scholarly community grounded in the multiple ways of discovering and knowing the biological world.

We envision a department where we:

  • Share the excitement and joy we feel about teaching and learning biology through classes, field, and laboratory experiences that are engaging, interesting, enjoyable, and fulfilling
  • Support student growth as persons and as scholars as they identify and achieve their goals
  • Discover and disseminate new knowledge about the biological world through collaborative research efforts among faculty and students
  • Create a diverse community of scholars by cultivating connections and interactions between faculty, students, alumni, and the general public

More specifically, the goals of the department are to:

  • Teach biology using inclusive, equitable, and student-centered approaches, including active learning, project-based instruction, and research within the classroom
  • Attract, train, and learn from undergraduate and graduate students with a broad diversity of identities, through advising, mentorship, and professional development
  • Recruit, develop, and learn from researchers and teachers with a broad diversity of identities, through peer mentorship, collaboration, and promotion
  • Study key questions in biology using molecular, physiological, organismal, ecological, evolutionary, and educational approaches
  • Engage students in generating and answering important scientific questions and disseminating their findings to the University and broader community
  • Establish and maintain relationships with broader communities within and outside the university that are based on reciprocity and mutual benefit

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