Faculty Spotlight - Chuyang Yang

Headshot of Dr. Chuyang Yang
Dr. Chuyang Yang
Headshot of Dr. Chuyang Yang

Dr. Chuyang Yang

About Dr. Chuyang Yang

Dr. Chuyang Yang is an assistant professor at the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Yang is a first-year faculty and teaches in the Aviation program. Currently, our Aviation program has over 250 undergraduate students majoring in Aviation Flight Technology and

Aviation Management Technology.

Purpose of Teaching

Dr. Yang is passionate about teaching because it allows him to be creative and improve professionally. As he teaches, he continually hones his creativity by adding interest to capture his students' attention. Teaching is also one of the most significant times Dr. Yang feels he can impact the next generation of aviation professionals. As a dedicated faculty member, Dr. Yang considers himself responsible for educational enrichment and connecting with students at all levels.

Research Agenda/Fields of Study

Dr. Yang teaches AVMT 110 Aircraft Maintenance I and AVT 320 Aviation Safety, AVFT 215 Aviation Weather and AVT 330 Introduction to Aerodynamics, among others. His research area includes data-driven technologies to enhance aviation safety, accessibility, and sustainability, and subjects including airport operations, aircraft noise modeling, and human aviation factors. Dr. Yang has also actively engaged in several research projects with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Transportation Research Board (TRB)  and the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP). In addition, he maintains our partnership with Crosswinds Aviation.

Dr. Yang strives to connect students with scholarships, equip them to participate in such research projects, attend activities such as international and national conferences, and to interact with academic and industry experts while being exposed to aviation stakeholders such as federal agencies, airlines, and airports that could be potential employers.

To view the complete list of publications by Dr. Chuyang Yang, visit his EMU faculty profile

Professional/Academic goals while at EMU

Goals for students

  • Prepare them as next-generation aviation professionals and leaders with the required
    professional and personal skills, engage them in international and national academic
    activities, and help them gain experiences and insight from a global perspective.

Personal goals

  • Assist and maintain the AABI accreditation for the Aviation program, continuing to increase the quality of the aviation program and increase enrollment.
  • Engage in regional, national and international research initiatives to prepare Dr. Yang as an aviation education and research leader.

Favorite thing about the College of Engineering and Technology

One of Dr. Yang’s favorite things about the CET is that the college promotes a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty and students. This culture plays a vital role in understanding and improving the safety and efficiency of the aviation industry.

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