Academy for Business and Technology Elementary School

School Information

School Information

The Academy for Business & Technology Elementary School is a free public charter school offering a well-rounded quality education focusing on core academics and providing the framework for acquiring the business and technological skills required in today's global society.

The Academy features:

  • FREE and open to students from all districts
  • Full-day kindergarten
  • Curriculum that meets state standards
  • Skill mastery in all core subjects
  • Highly qualified teachers and staff
  • Reading Specialist
  • English as a Second Language Teachers
  • Extensive use of technology to enhance instruction
  • Multicultural setting
  • Before and after school enrichment programs
  • Free tutoring in core academic subjects
  • Web based tutorial programs for extended day instruction
  • STEM Education
  • Individualized attention
  • Clean, safe and nurturing environment
  • School Uniform
  • Response To Intervention program


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